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    I thought it would be fun to create this “E-Portfolio”. The traditional resume, on paper, two pages long, just seems so inadequate. This is my attempt to have some fun, provide more information and generally try something new - maybe some day helping me to find a new job if I need one.

    If you think this is interesting, or not, send me an email, let me know what you think. I’d be interested to see how this affected you - especially if your job is includes the title “Manager”. If you really want to see the traditional resume, there is one downloadable - up and to the left, in yellow.

    I went to school at San Jose State University. I put myself through school, a couple classes each semester, for 12 years, starting in 1979 and graduating in 1991.  During that time, some of the entry level jobs I held were at IBM (Intern), Opticom (Computer Operator), Newport West Data Services (Programmer), San Jose Water Company (Laborer), Starving Students Moving Company (Driver) and a few other short term jobs writing software or doing labor work.

    In 1986, I got my first job that was beyond entry level as a corporate sales representative at Wolf Computer. We sold HP, Apple, SCO, Novell and other technologies. I was the salesperson of the month a couple times. In 1989, I decided to switch from the dealer channel to the manufacturing side. My first job in this area was at SCO. It was with this move, and new focus, that I began to see opportunities for product innovation. This portfolio is intended to show the highlights of my innovations over the last twenty years.

    After I began innovating, my salary went up and I found myself, financially, above water. Being above water enabled the beginning of having fun and giving back to the community. Some information about that is also provided here.

    After graduating from college, getting it all together, and beginning to give back to the community, I met my wife, got married, had kids and entered yet another phase. And that journey is continuing to this day...

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